Who We Are

Touch Tomorrow

Contitouch Technologies is a leading technology company which is part of the Hammer & Tongues Africa Holdings Group. We are primarily focused on providing professional and technologically advanced solutions that match and surpass international standards.

The business aims at providing a vast array of solutions from being an ISP, having independent Data Centres with full redundancy in Harare, Bulawayo and Lusaka Zambia, server and email hosting, VOIP, public WiFi, CONTIPAY payment gateway, software development and support services. Through IT industry best practises, standards and technology, we aim to deliver the best value for money as well as solutions that are up to speed with the ever changing and advancing global technological environment.

Contitouch is Zimbabwe’s newest ISP offering unique services second to none and is a registered member of AFRINIC as a Local Internet Registry (LIR) with an excess of 18,000 IPs and a full member of ZISPA. We provide internet services to Zimbabwe’s largest bookmaker (Africabet Zimbabwe) with over 60 sites throughout the country. Contitouch manages networks and provides technical support for businesses in Zimbabwe and Zambia, with a 24/7 Network Operations Centre (NOC). We pride ourselves in a protected network from all our POPs to ensure uninterrupted service provision to our clientele.


WE ARE DISRUPTIVE. Leading technology business, helping disrupt old paradigms and unleashing new opportunities with emerging technologies.
Creating innovative technologies wherever your business is; Web, Cloud and Physical. Our thrust is enabling companies to re-imagine their businesses,
processes, and experiences.


Let’s reshape what’s possible.