Frequently Asked Questions

Q.What is Contitouch?

Contitouch Technologies is a leading Technology company whose primary focus is to provide professional and technologically advanced ICT Business Solutions that will match and surpass international standards.

Q.Why should I want to use Contitouch products and services?

The business aims at providing a vast array of solutions spanning from infrastructure, business intelligence, software solutions, converged communications, security and support services. Through using IT industry best practises, standards and technology, we aim to deliver the best value for money as well as solutions that are up to speed with ever changing and advancing global technological environment.

Q.What is an Internet Service Provider (or ISP)

An Internet Service Provider (ISP) is a company that provides internet to your home or business.

Q.How do I change internet speeds after I start your service?

Switching to a higher or lower speed is an easy task with us All it takes is one phone call to our Service department. We can make this change right from our office, so there is no need to send a technician to your location.

Q.What methods of payment are required for any products or services?

Payments can be made through Contipay, a fast & reliable payment gateway. Contitouch can process ZWL RTGS payments through various local partners including zipit , Ecocash, Telecash & Onemoney as well as Foreign currency payments through VISA, mastercard, Wirecard and Local Nostro accounts. We also process cash transaction through our office.

Q.How will I receive my monthly invoices?

Monthly invoices are emailed to the business email address specified.

If you require a hardcopy of your monthly statement, please request this from your Account Manager, Service Manager or Contitouch Contact Centre

Q.What technology will Contitouch use to provide last-mile access?

Our innovative network allows for ultimate flexibility that suits your needs. Our last-mile technology utilizes optic fibre wireline as well as wireless access.

Q.How does Contitouch differentiate its service?

We use Next Generation technology which enables us to offer last mile initiatives that are relevant as well as assuring exceptional service quality. Our product and service offerings are in line with international best practices for telecommunications.